jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2018

Orgasmic release

A good time ago I met a very nice girl who was also an escort, I was introduced to her by a client friend who loved trios, quartets and other musical groups ... hahaha ... Let's say that girls' orgies was her thing. Anyway, when I saw it I thought it was something believed, but nothing to do, it was super witty, lightened and good fart. We did not take long to take little professional mother and personally. I will never forget that with her I knew what a real party was and a true orgasm ... without love ... haha. I had been relatively little escort was learning how the Universe gave me to understand; But hey, it is not so difficult to catch and know what it is that men want sexually. But even so I lacked knowledge about this world and she became my teacher videos videos pornos gratis .
Although I was already selling my buttocks it was still something mocha and I must confess that I had an orgasmic block, it took me too long to arrive, although it is not a requirement that an escort has orgasms, I wanted to give myself that luxury and take advantage. Yes, I enjoyed (and I enjoy) but I wanted more, I wanted to let myself go, but I could not for the simple and complicated reason that there was no love (hahaha ... I know I'm super corny) but only that way I could come easily and quickly. And yes, sometimes it came but it was because the client really wanted to enjoy me and was full of patience to get it. But the truth is that very few clients care about the pleasure of one and with good reason, and I have always had the premise that orgasm belongs to those who work it. So every time I was having more work (sex ... haha) and more bitter face. My friend noticed and I confessed it, it became a challenge for her that I had a professional orgasm, because in our trio services we included real lesbian, yes, we really sucked our things. With it I discovered that I did not dislike women and that my work was to become a total future mujeres culonas .
So one day we came to a date, we were hired by a somewhat older gentleman, so he could not stand the sucked two tongues, nor the mount we gave him, he came, took off the condom, leaned back, closed his eyes and then opened them as plates, because the show was going to start, we were super hot, so we kept kissing and caressing we gave each other a nice finger, we were soaking wet and these slipped easily in the crotch, she kissed my neck and quickly climbed to eating my mouth, our tongues fidgeting without hesitation, we get so hot that we forget our client, who did not claim, nor interrupted the sex show that we were giving him veporn.
My friend under her mouth to my breasts, my nipples were already hard and paraditos ate them rich, with so much excitement I moaned and she sucked one and with her wet fingers pinched the other. I was transported to my exciting world of erotic fantasies that I now go to every time, I chose my favorite piggyback vision: girl against girl, the friend who teaches me what a real lesbian is. She kept going down and her lips met mine, I opened her legs and dipped her tongue into my vagina and ran inside and out and finally parked in my clit. My moans were low as murmurs I was enjoying too much, I opened my eyes, she was focused on her task of getting me that orgasm and I was doing it without difficulty. The client masturbated watching my friend eat me and I squeezed my tits. I closed my eyes and left ... haha ??... I lost myself in a universe of incredible pleasure xnxx .
She kept licking and I kept moaning. And so between licking and moaning, everything seemed to stop, my heart, my breathing, I exploded, I came, I left, I arrived and I had the most memorable orgasm of my puteril life. I opened my eyes, I did not know if I was laughing or crying I was agitated, she separated from me, in her face full of my fluids was the satisfaction of having made me come easily.
That day there were three people in the world really satisfied and happy: the client with his fantasy fulfilled by a trio and really real lesbian, my friend with her sexual achievement of having made me reach orgasm quickly and easily and me, especially myself, with endorphins butt, with an orgasmic release, which I enjoy to this day, I do not need to be in love to enjoy sex to the fullest, until multiorgasmic I became ... haha ??... Thanks to my dear former friend xvideos.